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Robert Ridpath

Robert Ridpath

President, CEO, Senior educational product developer

Nerdy science guy, motivating speaker and trainer, marketing and sales expert, artist, athlete, fun loving dog guy makes him a resonance man.

Robert training is in Nutritional Biochemistry, Exercise physiology and Nutritional immunology. His “REAL” education has come over the last 24 years dealing with all sorts of doctors. He has consulted with over 1100 different clinics and doctors educating and sharing the concepts of Nutritional and Functional Medicine.

He is also a science hound / Geeky science guy who can often be found at workshops and training session upgrading his knowledge and skills with current research and key vital strategies.

He is often giving talks, doing webinars trainings, out playing on his bikes or developing new ways to more simply communicate the fundaments of health that most need and want!

Robert has achieved professional status in two sports (Motocross and triathlon) and is a top master’s cyclist (Mountain bike). He is an active cross country skier and loves hockey. He is also an accomplish sculptor, phtographer and gardener. He has two wonderful daughters and is married to Heather.

He is currently presenting a seminar series on Addressing the underlying causes of chronic illness and promoting his recent book “TLC for the Body, MInd and Soul”. As well as this, Robert is also doing a seminar series on Cancer prevention and treatments.

His new book Belly Fat and Stress Reduction is due out shortly. It is part of his Health Mastery Series.

  • Nutrition and Biochemistry 80%
  • Functional Medicine 75%
  • Personal training and sport performance 70%
Heather Ridpath

Heather Ridpath

Ergonomic and Personal Training Consultant

Bright, calm, centred and kind she is a methodical and results orientated gal with a zest for fun and life.

Heather Ridpath has over 24 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Her love for health and fitness comes from her passion for sports.

She’s a former member of the national rowing team and competed in the Pan Am, Commonwealth, and Olympic Games as well as several World Championships.  The highlight of her competitive career was winning a world championship in lightweight rowing.

She has always been fascinated with the human body and how it moves, which lead to her formal education in Human Kinetics and movement as well as a Master of Science specializing in biomechanics. Heather is a Registered Kinesiologist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer through both Can-Fit-Pro and the University of Guelph.

She excels at helping beginners get started on their fitness programs, seasoned fitness enthusiasts take it to the next level, as well as clients who are recovering from injuries. She loves to help people of all ages incorporate health and wellness into their lifestyle.

  • Personal training & Sport Performance 85%
  • Biomechanics 70%
  • Ergonomics & Body Placement 80%

About us

Health Synergy is your best source for value-driven, high quality professional services. 

Established since 2003, we have over five decades of  collective knowledge and experience in health, sports, nutrition, biochemistry, functional medicine, physiology, biomechanics, weight loss and personal growth. This comprehensive and synergistic blend of skills gives us a unique advantage in providing professional services to those who finally want results and wish to grow and learn.

Comprehensive and high value training programs are our specialty. We are result orientated and guarantee our clients are happy and satisfied with our life enhancing personal growth training programs.

Empowerment is an important part of our mission. We are able to provide incredible value by providing a satisfaction guarantee for every service provided.

We understand that each component of health (diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, spirituality etc.) is necessary and essential by itself.  But we also understand that when all of the components integrate, merge and work together there is a very special balance and uplifting energy that arises to make one more functionally complete and whole.

There is synergy; the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. When the body, mind and soul are fully optimized there is true health synergy and this is where we can help take you.

Expert Authorities: Our continual skill upgrading and learning means you get key insights on the latest and most effective training programs. This means even faster results for you!

 Through guidance, direction, motivation and inspiration we want to help you feel, look and function better, thus enhancing the quality of your life.  You’re worth it!

Innovative Ideas

Contemporary solutions to modern health problems. We are open minder and progressive in how we see and work with the body. Our solutions are personalized, innovative and creative to meet your needs. We help you get the results you want and demand!

Excellent Training

We provide training in the forms that suit you best. Videos, MP3 downloads, special reports, ebooks etc. We also tap into the knowledge base of the many experts we have access to. We get you the best advice and solutions to your problems. We know you want to live a fun and fulfilling life and will help you make it happen!

Thorough Support

We listen intently to make sure we fully understand your unique situation and the life events that brought you here. And so we can help develop the personalized plan to get you back into control and on top of your game!

Clear Communication

We take the time to clearly listen and understand your unique set of circumstances to make sure we help plan your path to a fulfilling life full of joy, peace of mind and satisfaction. We want you to have the best of health and spirits as you travel down the road of life. We can help set you up to WIN! You’ve worked hard and deserve it!

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