Alzheimer’s Disease Called Type 3 Diabetes


Why is it that the researchers and scientist are calling Alzheimer’s disease type 3 diabetes? What’s the connection? I thought diabetes was a problem with blood sugar and that the body doesn’t make insulin?
If you want ot retain your memory, condition and brain function you need to get your sugar intake and blood sugar management under control!
The last few trainings have being on how sugar stresses you out, how artificial sweeteners make you fat and now, this training is the scary next step in this series on healthy ageing. I will pull together the material from the other training videos into this one to share why Alzheimer’s disease is the end result of your over consumption of sugars and poor blood sugar management.
What we used to think about brain function decline happening only in our later years is now being reevaluated as new research is clearly showing how our stress and sugar intake greatly advances this disease process. It’s scary as many of us have aging parents and loved ones going down this path. Worst still, many of us are actually advancing at a much greater rate that previously thought! Even in the 30+ crowd.
I will explain with diagrams and flow charts how this unfolds so you can become empowered on what lifestyle changes you can make to address this loss.
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