How To Boost Your Happiness Fast

Many people are looking for happiness in the wrong place.

They seem to think that once they obtain some goal or get something they will be happy. I believe this is a mistake as this bases our personal happiness on outside forces and circumstances.

A more empowering thought is realizing that our happiness comes from within. And that it’s not when you get something you will be happy, rather, its more of the idea of happily achieving as you go about your day.

Thus, happiness is an individual choice, however, our choices are influenced by the people around us. Interesting enough, if you change you life influencers, (for the better), you can dramatically increase your chances for success and happiness.
You are the product of the top 10 people around you. If you take your top 10 friends income and divide by 10 = your income. Same with happiness!

What is the greatest predictor of happiness?
Shawn Achor stated that from his research that positive social connections are the greatest predictors of long term happiness. This was also written about in the book called “The Blue Zones” which looked at longevity.

Thus introducing a positive influencer (person) into your life can be one of the most important choices for happiness you can make!

Who is a positive influencer? Mentor, life coach, instructor, teacher, boss etc. Look for someone who you respect who has the positive attributes and outlook you want to emulate. These people impact your well-being and happiness more that others. They have the positive traits you want to rub off on you… so hang out with them!

  • Some of the traits these people may posses include:
    Practice gratitude
    Seek joy and other positive like-minded people
    Work on developing themselves to become their best
    Personal growth and development
    Seek to be and feel connected to others
    Look to build relationships
    Smile and laugh easily
    Look at problems as challenges
    Have a clear vision and goals and move towards them
    Look for the good and positive in situations and people

How do negative influencers impact your life?
The focus on the bad or negative thinking in their life. They complain about things. They are energy vampires. They tend to blame, complain and justify why things aren’t good in their life. And because of this, they have problems maintaining relationships. And they often see stress as threat vs a challenge to embrace. They can drag and pull you down.

High Jump

Life is about choices. Happiness is a choice!
However, we need to be continually reminded of this. Especially when life gets busy and challenging and we get stressed or frazzled. It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded positive people who can impact your mood and attitude. As you grow and learn you will be able to do the same for others.


Who are the positive influencers you want in your life?
Those you have the positive attributes that you want to have rub off on you in the different areas of your life – business, finances, sports, hobbies, family etc. Spend more time with them. This will improve your mood, finances and so much more in your life. This leads to greater success and fulfillment

Remember, to pay it forward
You can become more of a positive influencer to those around you!
Become more conscious of you mood, attitude, and actions. How you talk and communicate with others. Monitor your energy and output. Start looking for the good in others, complement them. Stop blaming, complaining or justifying your results! Take full responsibility for your actions and take ownership of the results.

Here are some questions you can ponder
Who are some of the positive influencers you can surround yourself with and hang out with?
Who are some of the negative influencers you will have to shed and move away from?
What are some of the key attributes you want to work on growing first ie Happiness?
How are you going to chose to impact others with your new positive energy?

Best of health and spirits,

Robert Ridpath

Health Synergy Inc

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