Challenges and Hurdles in Weight Loss

Family parties
Maybe you had one of these weekends… holiday weekend and diner with both sides of the family and a birthday party day! Three days of gatherings and eating. Wow, this could have been a marathon of over eating and plain pigging out. And it kind of was. However… lots of lessons to be learned:
• I made sure I got my exercise before we went to the party (pay yourself first)
• I was the one to organize walks, kicking the soccer ball and playing around
• Eating the veggies first as appetizers
• I let people I was trying to cut down the amount of food I eat. Great for moral support from most.
• Drinking lots of water instead of juice or alcohol
• Use a small palate… it makes the same amount of food look smaller
• I “sampled” all 3 deserts. Key word… sampled, just a tiny piece of each to satisfy the taste buds. I was so full I really couldn’t eat anymore anyways.
• Walk after eating if possible

Loss of focus/ negative thoughts
This was interesting for me. I was getting a little negative and was feeling low. The negative thoughts were really surfacing. Why am I doing this, this won’t work, I’m wasting time, I should be able to eat what ever I want, I’ll always be this way, I can’t change… etc. I’m sure you can relate. Here is what I did:
• I called a few friends and spoke to them and told them what was going on. I can’t tell you enough how helpful this was. This helped kick the negatives away really quick and got re re-focused. Nice!
• I did my exercise or at least I went for a walk to the dog park. I love to see the dogs do their thing… enjoy life with no cares. It makes me laugh and realize how good I actually have it.
• I go back to the “Why” exercise. I’ve talk about this exercise and its value for years. WE all have our weak moments and you need to prepare for them. Doing this was and is key for your long-term success.
• I also looked and studied my vision board as well as looked at some motivating magazines (ie: Men health, Shape etc)
• I also watched a bit of hockey. Seeing these high performance athletes giving there all even if they were not going to get into the finals made me think, if they can do it I can do it.

Weather and excuses
Like above, the weather has been poor for being outside. Or so I thought. Preparing for the worst sets you up to win… there are no excuses.
• You just need rain boots, umbrella and a rain coat/ shell.
• I would go to the gym and do the cross trainer there. I brought my ipad and watching training videos. Again, control my environment. Feed my mind good stuff and keep out the crap.

Eating out of habit/ boredom
This was really challenging for me. They say 70 to 90+% of our daily activities are habits. We are running on “autopilot”. Ever night about 9 or 9:30pm I go to the kitchen, check the cupboard and fridge even if I’m not hungry and root up a snack. Why? Because it’s a habit or I’m boarded. This was a powerful pattern to break. I’m still working on it. What I found works for me is:
• Drink more water at this time
• Ask myself -am I really hungry or I’m I just running a “program in my brain”?
• If I’m going to eat, what can I eat that will best power-up and support my body ie veggies, fruits, seeds
• What is the smallest size of snack I can eat to fulfill my desire?
• I use protein shakes and my new love fresh washed snapped peas. They give the crunch and mouth feel as well as a good amount of fiber.
• Preparing healthy snacks are vital for me not to over eat or to eat low quality food

People wanting me to eat more
Strange, but all good hosts want you to eat and drink more. It seems to be a sign of respect and a complement to the host/ chef.
• I haven’t figured this one out. I just say I’m full or It was so great I’ve over eating already (thats probable the truth as well)

Getting used to not eating
When I’m more active say in the summer season I love to landscape and garden, ride my bikes and walk the dog. This takes energy- calories- and being so active I can eat a lot. However, because of my injuries, I’ve lost muscle so my metabolic rate has slowed down and I’m way less busy. I don’t need the same amount of food calories. I only need to eat half of what I used to. This is strange for me. I find I keep eating as if I was more active… bad habit. That’s why I have all this body fat and belly fat.
• I’ve no magic answer for this other drinking water instead of eating
• Filling up with more fibrous foods, eating more oils and protein to balance blood sugars better
• Keep telling myself not to go to the fridge… I’m not hungry… just boarded

Hungry and headaches
Early morning (5 AM) headaches or afternoon headaches (2 PM) were a challenge for a week. I was really being conscious of the amounts of food I ate. And it seems I went below that invisible magic line where I wasn’t keeping blood sugars stable or elevated enough so they dropped and I got the dreaded low blood sugar headaches. This turns into a different problem as I then get cravings to eat… anything sweet! My solutions were:
• Eat more food but at the right times.
• Small meals of protein, fat, carbs (veggies), fibers and phytonutrients
• Exercise in the mornings if possible to reduce food demand in evening
• I’m experimenting to see how my body responds to higher amounts of fat intake and higher protein


These are some of the hurdles I’ve had the last few weeks. I will share others as the arise so you will have a library of solutions to help you through. And, please share whats worked for you. We are all different and have different approaches to life.


Best of health and spirits

Robert Ridpath

Health Synerygy