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PH Balance

This chart will help you choose foods which optimize your pH and thus alkalize your body to improve health. Another simple yet key step in optimizing your body, your health and your mind!

Daily check list and success log

this form will help set you up to win!. Download it and print numerous copies so you can complete them everyday. Over time this will become a habit and you will not need the check list. It’s always there to help you out though.

Health Association exercise

This is the health association exercise. This will allow you to discover where you may have hidden road blocks to you moving forward and improving your health.

Fulfilment Guide

This is the fulfillment guide. Download and fill out this form. It will give you direction on where to focus your energy to improve your happiness and satisfaction with life. It may be a bit of a shocker for some. But what a nice surprise when you have direction and purpose how easy life starts to unfold.

TLC for the body mind and soul

Belief Questionnaire

This is the belief questionnaire. Download and fill out this form. It will give you direction on where to focus your energy to improve your happiness and satisfaction with life.

Glycemic Index Chart

Focus on eating the foods on this chart. Print off a copy and post it in your kitchen, have one in your wallet or purse and other places where you eat. Top of the mind awareness is vital.

Glycemic Index Info- University of Sydney

Glycemic Index Info- University of Sydney. this is supporting material you may want to view.

BE DO HAVE characteristics and traits- DOWNLOAD

This is the list of characteristics and traits that you can use to key your imagination as you find new ways and words to define yourself. Enjoy the new you!


Dr. Dawn Cormier- Child Allergies

In this insightful interview Dr. Cormier goes over where allergies come from, why so many had them, the sign and symptoms of them and what to do about them. The complete package. A great informative listen.

Dr. Robin Walsh- weight loss vs. fat loss

If you lose weight what do you lose? Fat? Muscle? Fluids? Fecal matter? What is sarcopenia and why is it so important you understand how it effects you and chronic diseases? Highly informative to anyone who has ever tried to lose weight.

Dr. Kristijana Radic- Sarcopenia, weight loss and chronic disease

Why is Alzheimer’s disease being called type 3 diabetes? How does this connect to sarcopenia? Does “detoxing” help with this? Whats the best way to detox to lose weight and boost your energy? And so much more.


How to Sleep Better

If you have problems falling asleep and staying asleep or waking early you will love this video. It will cover how to fall asleep fast and some of the tricks to fall asleep. It’s loaded with tips on how to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Discover the top 6 ways stress makes us gain fat and how to reverse this

Learn the top 6 ways that stress makes you gain fat. Discover some of the straight forward solutions to stop this.

Stress Reduction (How to reduce stress in your life)

This awesome and popular video training walks you through the ways in which we are stressed including biochemical stressors, physical and emotional stressors and even hidden stressors. Treat yourself and check out this video

Managing Stress in the Workplace- The 4 A's

Empower yourself and use the 4A’s to reduce your stress fast. If you have to work you are going to need to learn about managing stress in the workplace. Workplace stress can be over whelming. Learn relaxation techniques that give you stress relief fast. Stress management training includes reducing workplace stress.

Health Synergy

Where health, happiness and personal growth synergize... for results!