Reduce Stress (Cortisol) in you life

  • Do you want to reduce the stress in your life?
  • Do you want to burn some fat?
  • How about boosting your energy? Are you interested in that?

What is the one simple, most powerful thing you can do to do that?

The best advice we train doctors to give to patients is… EAST BREAKFAST

Really??? Yup. This is the one lifestyle habit you must adopt if you want to reduce cortisol and get your stress under control.

But I know you are sooooo busy and rushed in the morning. Fair enough. Don’t eat breakfast then, make a power shake and drink it! This fun video will walk you through all the ingredients you will need, I’ll address the common mistakes that the “Guru’s keep tell everyone to do that will cause you to store more fat and zap your energy and may be even constipate you! You don’t want to miss this training. Go watch this short training now.

  • Discover the 5 most important components (most “experts” miss 3 of them)
  • What are the most important ingredients not to use on their own?
  • 2 key strategies to set yourself up to win
  • Why simple is better than nothing!