How to matter – Living life on purpose!

This sounds like a simple idea yet many miss the mark and just drift through life. In this short summary post we will cover the top 6 ways on how to matter. Again, these are simple concepts but its the daily application that will make the real difference. So lets take a quick look at a few strategies on how to matter and talk about living life on purpose.

1. Focus on developing and living by your core values
this will allow you to be more real and authentic, and true to yourself thus giving you peace of mind and inner calm.

2. Develop a clear vision of your future;
This will build motivation and energy, spend your time wisely, and use strategic goals to fulfill your vision.

3. Plan out your life direction and purpose
in the many different areas of your life = Shape, plan, control, direct your life. The compass is more important than the clock.
This will help reduce overwhelm and confusion, and lead to peace of mind so you are not wasting time. You will get lite up and highly internally motivated.

4. Work towards things that are bigger than you
shift your mind set from what can you get to… what can you give, or contribute. It’s all about contribution!

5. Focus on serving others
build social networks that help others, share your insights and knowledge = fulfillment and satisfaction.

6. Love more.
Give to get. No strings attached. Openly and freely.

To feel like you are making a difference you need to live a life that Matters, a life of significance = happiness

How to matter.

You don’t have to be the leader of a country, or an organization or someone with a great title to matter and make a difference; you can matter and have greater significance in your own family, social network. You can start today!

How many others mislead you by telling you to chase happiness. I want to help clear the air and give you some better direction. Chasing happiness doesn’t make you happy = this can be misleading! We will get caught up in short-term gratification. It starts being a need. But it will not lead to deep, long term happiness.
Chasing happiness doesn’t make you happy = that’s mislead! Leading a life on purpose, with a greater level of significance will though.

Living a life that Matters = happiness


To help guide you along, a better Q you should be asking is…

“How can I make a bigger contribution

and impact more people at a deeper level

to have a greater significance?”


Think about how you can start today, say with your family, friends, work colleagues

Think about how you can start today, say with your family, friends, work colleagues etc. You can explore more on the life enhancing training program called Live* Love* Matter* at


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Best of health and spirits,

Robert Ridpath

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