Playing to win – How to recognize opportunites 


Would you like more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life with reduced stress?

You can get it by playing to win not simply… playing not to lose.

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One of the difference between those that play to win and those that are playing not to lose is their mindset. As I mentioned in a recent article, this mindset is the “keystone” mindset, which, all others build upon. Get it right and the others will easily fit nicely upon it. Miss this one and you will never obtain the true, real happiness and satisfaction you want. You won’t live up to your true potential.


What’s the difference? Those that are playing to win are always looking for opportunities. They seem to focus on solutions to the problems and they can see themselves with success. On the other side those who are playing not to lose focus on obstacles and focus on the problems and the negative of what could happen.


Here is some great news. Is this something you can learn and take advantage of? Absolutely! However, you have to learn how to recognize opportunities though. You can control the person you want to become. How cool is that!


How does this work? When you know what you want your brain will subconsciously start looking for solutions to make it happen. (It does this via the RAS system… we will get into that in another post).


This is why I’m consistently reminding you to do the BE-DO-HAVE exercise. This will allow you to make a checklist of the things you want in your life and the person you want to become. Keep this close to where you work, at home and other places you can glance at it to keep it “top of the mind”. Remember this simple statement… you get what you focus on and what you focus on expands! Focus on the good, the positives, and the opportunities and you get more of them.  Nice!


You can control the person you become!


You can control your thoughts, your actions, the words and questions you habitually ask yourself, the food that goes into your mouth and so much more. All of these empower you and allow you to control the person you want to become. Robert, she said we teach them how to recognize opportunities and take advantage of them!


So now I ask you… are you the person you want to be? Are you controlling the environment so it shapes you to the person you want to be? Or even a more fundamental question, do you know who you want to be? Can you see the opportunities that are around you all the time? Do you take advantage of them? Set yourself up to win and make your life easier… REALLY!

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When you know what you want, life becomes much easier. Sometimes the “diamonds” are right below your feet. Discover how to recognize the opportunities and find your diamonds.


I found this short but very powerful video that’s about 40 or 50 years old. The presenter is Earl Nightingale.  (Love this guy) Take a few minutes right now to watch this video. Stop wasting time. Discover how to recognize opportunities. Learn form a true master!

NOTE: don’t let the age of this video put you off. I will never waste you time. This guy is the master everyone bows to and quotes. Learn from the best.


Click here to watch it now.


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I hope this serves you well.

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