What stops you from living on purpose?

Some of the top ways most don’t fulfill their life and don’t live a life on purpose or have the significance they want include:

  • Don’t know and or don’t live by their own values
    Don’t have any real purpose or direction in their life- Remember, the clock is more important that compass.
    No vision of where they want to take their life. Just accepting things as they come to them.
    Are to self focused and absorbed. Think to much about what can I get, not what can I give = contribution
    Don’t have the love they want in their life. They maybe were hurt before and have closed the door and build a wall around them to keep the hurt out but it also prevents the love from coming in.

Keep chasing happiness thinking this will fill the void and emptiness they feel when in reality, they should be trying to chase building more meaning in their life so they develop that deeper sense of purpose, and have a greater sense of fulfillment which leads to happiness.

It doesn’t matter how long you live

but how well you do it

Don’t let other peoples limitations limit you


Don’t let other people or the mass media decide what kind of life you have. Empower yourself, take back control of you life.

  • Your life has purpose
    Your story is important
    Your voice matters
    Your dreams count
    You were born to make an impact

To quickly develop more direction and purpose, you can do the fun worksheet called the BE-DO-HAVE exercise. It’s a quick, easy and fun way to zero in on how to get direction, purpose and zero in on your core values.

Start with the “Have”. Brainstorm all the things you want to have in your life. Go all out with this. Then shift over and do the “DO” section and brainstorm all the things you want to “DO” in your life.

Finally, think deep about the type of person you want to become. To help you with this, download the work, value and character summary sheets. Use the word summary sheet to get ideas on how you want to describe yourself to yourself. Boom! YOu now have a a personal plan of where you want to go, things you want to achieve in your life and very importantly, structure to the person you want to become. Nice!

This will greatly reduce stress in your life and give the all important peace of mind and satisfaction with your life.

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Best of health and spirits,

Robert Ridpath

PS; you can watch a video on this here –  What stops you from living on purpose