The Power Of Convenience

Set yourself up to win… Remove all obstacles to your forward progression!

Have you ever wanted to move ahead with something but not taken action and done it because of the perceived uphill battle to getting it done? As an example; working out in the morning, eating breakfast, having healthier snacks, writing or journaling or for me- making videos. What is it that’s holding me back?

Organizational experts, and nutritionists have been touting this wisdom for years: keep the recycling bin near where you open the mail and deal with junk mail so it doesn’t pile up, stock your fridge with fresh-cut veggies so you have healthy snacks close at hand when you get hungry, or set out the ingredients for your breakfast or ingredients for power shakes the night before or even pack up your gym bag with running shoes work out clothes etc. and have it near the door so you’re ready to go first thing in the morning when you head off to exercise.

Here is an eye-opening thought, why stop there?

Harness the power of the convenience principle.

When I make videos it’s kind of a big production if you will. I have to go into the room where I record, set up the green screen, get the lights out, set up the camera on a tripod get my mic set up and that’s just to shoot the video. Then I have to take the file imported it into a video editor, convert it and then upload it to the web or you tube. This is lots of time to make a short video. Thus my natural inclination was to not do it. So how do I resolve this, how did I become more productive at it?

I bought a separate WebCam that plugs directly into my computer and now I record directly into the video editing software. No lights no cordless mics etc. etc. This saves a ton of time and more importantly for me, I make a lot more videos.

What you should be asking yourself is how can I make my task easier, less complicated and here’s the key, more convenient and easy to do? That way, we will actually do it and get things done.

What others seem to miss is the idea of removing all forward barriers to your success. In this case for me it was the technical challenges with making videos.

But it could be precut veggies, snacks in your car or desk, a notebook to write down notes or even a digital recorder.

You can use the convenience principle in many ways.

I’ve been able to use it to connect with friends and family more. How to do I do this? I added a headset to our phone so when I’m doing simple tasks or autopilot jobs I can talk on the phone and catch up. This gives me an extra hour week to spend with friends and catch up with family.

My brother has a wood shop. It used to be a big deal for him to go out and work on a small project because he had to move everything around set up all the stations and so on. So we work together and we set up a series of workstations that greatly increases his workflow and ease-of-use. He is now doing more and happier.

Get more done!

Be more effective and productive!


Something else I did because I’m a cyclist, I have a few different bicycles. I have a set of lights that I transfer from one bike to another. Often I would be pressed for time and I wouldn’t transfer these lights from the one bike to the other, making it more difficult for vehicles to see me thus less safe. How did I resolve this? I bought a second set of lights and installed it on the other bike so I now have lights on both bikes.

I also put my work out bag with all my equipment, membership card, lock, shampoo etc. into one bag and I leave it by the back door so it’s easy and quick to get and go in the morning or after work.

I also use a digital recorder for my thoughts and ideas. I have a smart phone but I have to turn the phone on set it up and so on and it still inhibits me from recording my ideas. The digital recorder I hit the button and talk. Simple and easy.

I think this is something you already know, you just need a reminder to act on it to reduce stress and make you more productive.

Leading his bussines

So what does this mean to you? It means you can be happier and make stuff happen in your life. This means you can boost your productivity and effectiveness. And you can get more of the right things done. The things of highest value to you.

It helps to reduce your stress and makes you feel better as you’ll feel more in control and more productive. And you can solve your own procrastination or approach avoidance issues by using the power of convenience.

None of these ideas are award winning by themselves.

However it teaches us that small changes can yield big rewards.


For a deeper dive on this you can read about it. Darren hardy wrote about this in his book “ The compound effect”. It’s the small, incremental things we do everyday that lead to our success.

So set yourself up to win, use the power of convenience.

Today- what one way are you going to use the power of convenience to boost your happiness and effectiveness? Write it out and act on it. Make it happen today!