TLC For the Body, Mind and Soul

Addressing the underlying cause of chronic disease

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TLC for The Body, Mind and Soul… 

Addressing the underlying causes of chronic illness

Understanding chronic illness and “dis-ease”  



  • What contributes to most chronic disease and accelerated aging
  • Why your fatigue is a major symptom of pre-diabetes and accelerated aging
  • The connection between stress, sleep and blood sugar issues
  • What really elevates cholesterol and blood pressure
  • How insulin drives your hormones wild and contributes to infertility
  • The connection between cancers like breast, prostate, colon and skin
  • How inflammation leads to depression and low mood
  • The multiple ways that stress erodes your health and what to do about it


  • Why Alzheimer’s disease is now being called type 3 diabetes
  • How stress makes you fat and loss of muscle predicts diabetes
  • Proactively address the underlying contributors to chronic illness
  • Simple strategies to reduce your pain, fatigue and inflammation


This book contains empowering information about how to improve your health. It also contains worksheets, fulfillment guides, and daily check list to help set you up to win.

Most don’t get what they want in life because they don’t know what they want! This book will allow you to focus in on exactly what you want from your health and body.

Remove the hidden roadblocks and hurdles that are holding you back. The belief and association guides will allow you to find these blocks and deal with them.

How happy and fulfilled are you? The fulfillment guide will enlighten you where your life may be out of balance so you are re-establish balance and focus on your highest priorities.

Set yourself up to win! Follow the daily check list to make sure you’re on track for success and that tomorrow unfolds easily and effortlessly. you’re worth it.

If you had to buy just one book on how to better your life… this is it!

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