10 Week Training and Implementation for Belly Fat & Stress Reduction

10 Week Training and Implementation

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Each week you will receive a link to the next and training/ implementation video. As the weeks go by you will have a complete set of all the training programs with the great strategies, tools and encouragement necessary for you to have a “WIN”. Reduced stress and reduced belly fat (and a whole lot better life!).

I would also suggest you go back and re-watch them every now and then so you stay motivated. As well, most likely you will pick up a few new tips or helpful hints that you missed the first time through.

I look forward to hearing about your success.

Robert Ridpath

And the team at Health Synergy Inc.



Week 1 – Introduction and overview of the program. What to expect and how the program will unfold. Discover all the components that contribute to belly fat including stress. Discussion of key action steps to get you started. Click here to get started. 

Week 2 – Introduction to the BIG 4. We will drill down and you will discover how they interact to increase stress and contribute to greater fat storage including belly fat. You will discover how insulin makes you gain fat and how to get it under control. Discussion of the key action steps to help you re-balance your physiology and get you feeling better. Click here to get started.

Week 3 – Acute stress can really zap your energy as well as make you wired. You need to get this under control. If you master balancing your physiology and work on empowering yourself by controlling your perceptions acute stress will seem easier to handle and you will feel more in control. Click here to get started.

Week 4 – You get what you focus on and what you focus on expands. Focus on the negative and guess what you get? You have to retrain your mind to focus on the positive. The outcome you want. I think you will feel motivated and inspired as well as empowered once you watch this training. This is one you should come back to often. Repetition is the mother of mastery! Click here to get started.

Week 5 – This may be the most important training session in this series. Here you will learn more about balancing your physiology. This is key and vital as it acts as a platform to all other stress reduction training. Click here to get started

Week 6 – I hope this training puts you to sleep! Really!. You will discover a greater insight into sleep issues including the big 3… falling asleep, staying asleep and waking early. Sleep should be considered as nourishment just like food and water. Click here to get started.

Week 7 – This training is about the “connector”, the forth pillar that pulls the other three together. It’s is also the one that gets the most pushback. Funny enough, it’s also the one that will add the most joy and juice to your life. And, it could most likely be the funnest one to implement and do. How nice is that… Click here to watch this fun training

Week 8  – What would happen if you could take the brakes off your forward progression? If you could break the chains that may be holding you back – chains you don’t even know exist? If you could finally make changes that are life long without falling back into your old ways? How would that impact your life? In this training video we will go deep into why most changes don’t stick, how the labels we and others give ourselves predicts our behaviour and most important how to redefine your life and get a deeper sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. This is an awesome training video that I loved making for you. click here to watch this life changing training video.

Week 9 – Why don’t we go after out dreams anymore? Why are we afraid to try new things and break out of our comfort zone? Fear?… maybe. Or could it be lack of confidence? Lack of confidence in what? Our competence. Our skills, knowledge, talents and resources. It this training video we will get deeper into why competence is so important and what exactly we can do to build it up. This in turn builds our confidence, removes fear and allows us to keep growing, learning and to become the high performers we dream of. CLick here to watch it

Week 10 – Wow!!! You have made it through to this point. This last video pulls all the pieces together for some real synergy. There is no time to waste, go watch it now! 

The last few weeks have pulled some important strings together to give you life long results. We also looked at how to start building yoiu ideal life by getting control of your beliefs and re-defining yourself. You can write the next chapter of your life and live into it. Very cool. 

And remember to look into some of the other life enhancing training programs and Mater Classes we offer. Life is about learning and growing and taking it to the next level. Keep growing and keep learning.

Remember to turn off your phones ringer and close your email service. I want you to focus on this material.

Enjoy your training.  Click here to watch this comprehensive summary video